Case Study – A Blank Canvas!

24 July 2020by davidperry

This site of this newly built house provided a blank canvas for this project. The idea was to create a beautiful peaceful space and to soften the impact of the shed.

First priority is the shed!

This pyracantha hedge will grow up against the shed allowing it to blend into the garden landscape. It will be covered with orange berries in autumn which will provide a feast for an array of garden birds.

Pyracantha hedge with a shrub bed to the front.

We decided to include an instant mature arch which would create a focal point entrance to the garden and complement the hedge in front of the shed.

Marking out the position for a mature garden arch overlooking the Bluestack mountains.
David planting the mature pyracantha arch.

A beech hedge was planted around the perimeter. When mature this will provide privacy and create a backdrop to the garden.

Getting the levels right – preparing the lawn.

Next we planted a large shrubbery allowing suitable spacing for a meandering pathway. This area was covered in decorative bark mulch to suppress weeds and to provide a neat clean finish.

Shrubbery planting and positioning natural glacial rocks

Large glacial rocks and trees were carefully positioned for added interest.

Starting to take shape now!
The arch setting off the entrance to the garden.
A path meanders through the large planted area. This will provide an array of colour throughout the year and a haven for wildlife as it matures..
A place to sit and rest as you meander around the shrubbery path.
The lawn looking great

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