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Your garden maintained to the highest standard

Now that you have the perfect garden it’s time to ensure it stays like that! We can make sure that it’s always in top shape and looking amazing.

There’s a lot to take care of in a garden such as lawns, edgings, roses, shrubs and other plants. Carrying out all aspects of maintenance at the correct time of year will ensure the long term health of your stunning space. For example roses need fully pruned in March and additional pruning throughout the growing season while herbaceous perennials need to be cut back at the end of their growing season.

Maintenance services

Below are some of the options available as part of our maintenance services


Feeding, weed and moss control

Herbaceous Perennials

Feeding, deadheading and cutting back


Staking, feeding, pruning, pollarding and branch removal

Patio maintenance

Weeding, cleaning, repair/replace broken paving


Pruning, feeding and deadheading


Looking after those fancy entrance plants such as buxus cones with a regular trim and annual slow release feed

Fruit trees

Pruning and feeding

Pots, Boxes & Baskets

Supply and maintenance of flower pots, window boxes and hanging baskets (domestic or commercial)

Shrubs, Heathers, and Conifers

Pruning and feeding


Mature hedge cutting, feeding and pruning of newly planted hedges


Edging lawns and flower beds

And much more

Leaf removal, Power washing, Moss control ...

Have you got green fingers?

If you like to maintain your garden yourself that’s great. We can supply you with all the plants and materials you will need. However if you’re not green fingered or just don’t have the time then we are happy to step in and you can rest easy knowing that a professional is taking good care of your garden.

We would love to hear from you so please get in touch.

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